Becoming What We Are

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How do you become what you already are?

you are limitless potential, the universes greatest creation, a conscious connected and beautiful human being.

Realize that fear is a figment of the imagination 99 percent of the time, and it is this fear that holds us back from becoming everything we already are.  Unless there is a direct threat to your life, fear is unnecessary.

Fear stops us from doing what we need to do in order to progress, evolve and become the best version of ourselves. As we grow older and develop an ego we simultaneously develop a narrating self; the narrating self  theory postulates that; individuals form an identity by integrating their life experiences into an internalized, evolving story of the self.

This story we tell ourselves day in and day out can leave us trapped in self sabotage, fear and chained to the stories we tell ourselves. essentially fear is created by a negative feedback loop in which we convince ourselves of something that very well may be untrue.

Fear says ” i have been overweight my entire life, its just a part of me, nothing i do works ”

The Truth says ” i have been overweight my entire life due to choices and decisions i have made, if i change a few things i can get myself into shape and feel so much better ”

Fear says ” starting a business takes hundreds of thousands of dollars how will i ever get that?”

The Truth says ” the finish product doesn’t have to be what i start with, i can work with the resources i have now and attain the money i need for the finished product in the future”

We need to bring conscious attention to our thoughts each and everyday.  The story we allow our narrating self to tell will either leave us trapped in a fear based pessimistic mindset or the story we tell ourselves will elevate us to a state of limitless potential, allowing us to see situations for what they truly are.

You are limitless potential, the universes greatest story unfolding second by second. Allow the story you tell yourself to elevate you to the best version of yourself.

Allow yourself to become what you already are.

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