Meet the Team

Let our team of professionals be your guide.

Lukas Burella

Lukas founded Primitive Patterns in 2017. An alumni of Brock University with a BsC in Kinesiology, Burella has been educating himself for years on the power of human health and movement. His biggest passion is that of connecting humans to one another to join in the humility of the Human Experience.

Josh Burella

Josh is a certified holistic nutritionist and trainer with a long list of credentials. He is an XPT Performance Breathing coach, a TEEX Fire Academy graduate, and a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) educated through the Onnit Academy Foundations program. A highly accomplished long distance swimmer, Burella will be joining his brother in a 32km swim in Summer 2020 to raise money for youth mental health.

Jake Burella

One of three Burella Brothers, Jake holds a BsC in Medical Science from Brock University. Burella is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with credentials from the Onnit Academy Foundations program. Jake is a life-long learner with a passion for the ins and outs of human performance. He will be completing a 32km open-water swim in Summer 2020 to raise money for youth mental health.

Shayne River

Shayne is a Physiotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Clinical Pilates instructor from Blue Mountain, Ontario. Her passion for movement and holistic health stems from an insatiable curiosity for the human experience. She loves teaching creative yoga sequences on retreat with Primitive Patterns, and aims to inspire others to develop a sense of wonder for their bodies, mind, and universe.

Tate Funston

Tate graduated from Waterloo University with a BsC in Kinesiology. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Funston spent 5 years at U of W working with high-performing varsity athletes, eventually rising to the position of Lead Trainer in his final year. Tate is passionate about one day making a career out of working with elite professional athletes to allow them to reach and exceed their physical goals.

Cole Martin

Cole is a graduate of Brock University with a BASc. While studying at Brock he was also a part of the Brock Badgers Men’s Varsity lacrosse team. Cole has completed his holistic lifestyle coach - level 1 certification from Paul Chek’s CHEK ACADEMY, and studied Strength & Conditioning at Algonquin College. Cole is devoted to continually build his education portfolio to be able to share his experiences and provide a holistic approach to help you get the most out of your human experience.